Introduction to Film Art (in English)

Course Syllabus  – Spring 2018

Professor Diane Nemec Ignashev

This elective required course (taught in English) seeks to fulfill several goals:

  • To provide philologists with basic criteria for the analysis of films of various epochs and genres, drawing examples from classics of world cinema;
  • To offer participants the opportunity to create their own film short (2-3 mins.) and to show it at the faculty’s student film festival (FilFilm);
  • To give students (for the most part, Russianists) at varying skill levels in English the opportunity to activate their linguistic skills in disussing a broad range of questions (from everyday life to theory and aesthetics) connected to the analysis of various aspects of film art. 

Course readings will be drawn from Kristin Thompson & David Bordwell, Film Art: An Introduction 8th edition (McGraw-Hil Publishing Company, 2008.

Course length — 1 semester.

This class meets on Tuesdays at 18:00 in room 951

Intro to Film Art: Syllabus-2018