Schools of Philology, Psychology, and of the Arts, Moscow State University held 1-3 October, 2010 an international conference entitled


“The Pilgrims”. Performance to the poem by Josef Brodsky
Contemporary Dance Group, SparTantsy (Moscow University) 

In addition to paper sessions and thematic round-table discussions, the conference included master classes in free dance & musical movement training, sessions of vers libres, sound poetry, dance and contact improvisation, and site-specific performances. All master classes were open for participants. The conference venue were the buildings of Moscow State University, located at the historical sites of the city. Conference languages were Russian and English.


Dr. Asmolov, Head of General Psychology Dept., MSU: Schools of Philology, Psychology and of the Arts have started an interdisciplinary alliance to explore the problems of phenomenology of human freedom


Dr. Zinchenko, Dean of Psychology School, MSU: This conference is a sign of our time: generating interdisciplinary educational standards we eplore new paths in higher education


Elena Yushkova (Vologda). Presenting on dance and word in the art of Isadora Duncan


Nikolai Estis (Hamburg-Moscow). Scrutinizing the interaction of visual image and movement


Charlotte Purkis (Winchester). On movement, poetry and Modernist experiments with “dance words”


Steve Batts (Derry). Contact improvisation: master class and discussion


Silvia Colizzi (Ravenna). “Musa…ico - dancing live mosaics on the rhythm of  poetical words”


Marie-Hélène Delavaud-Roux (Brest, France). Dancing to Homer's dactyls


Meg Brooker (Austin, Texas, USA). Workshop of Duncan Dance


Performance to Russian folk songs and music by Igor Stravinsky. Heptachor, the Centre for Music and Movement (Moscow)

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