NB: The schedule is still subject to adjustment.

XХ Fulbright Humanities Summer School
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Personal Narrative as Living History
27 – 30 June 2017

Tuesday 27 June
10.00–10.20 Welcome and Opening Remarks
10.20-11.00 Iu. Zaretsky (NRU HSE), The Autobiographical Text in Cultural History.
11.00-11.40 E. Larina (MSU), The Art of Communication and Personal Histories: Between Success and Failure.
12.00-13.30 Dm. Sporov (MSU), Personal Histories and New Historians.
14.30–16.00 M. Rubins (University College London), The Genre of the “Human Document” and Current Strategies for Study.
16.30-18.00 I. Veniavkin (Project «Prozhito»), Dreams as Testimony: the Twentieth-Century Diary (seminar).
Wednesday 28 June
10.00-11.30 V. Nourkova (MSU), Pragmatics in Autobiographical Memoirs.
12.00-13.30 V. Nourkovaв,  Identity as Reflected in Ego-Narrative (seminar).
14.30–16.00 M. Rubins, Narratives of “Real Experience”: Towards Autofiction? (seminar).
16.30–18.00 Roundtable. From Archive to Biography: Research and Publishing Pratices). Participants: E. Penskaya (NRU HSE), E. Korkina (Marina Tsvetaeva House-Museum), P. Polian (Nerler) (NRU HSE).
Thursday 29 June
10.00–11.30 Т. Weiser (RANEPA), The Right to Tell and to Be Heard: Personal Narrative as Access to the Political Field.
12.00–13.30 Roundtable. Personal Testimoney in the Current Media: Objective Information in a World of Bloggers. Participants: D. Filipov (Washington Post), E. Finailova (writer), N. Nazarova(BBC), S. Strokan (Kommersant); S. Bordunova (SPbSU)
14.30–16.00 Roundtable. Personal Narrative in Pedagogical Practice. Participants: I. Grinko (MSSES), M. Pavlovets (NRU HSE), K. Andreev (SMHG).
16.30–18.00 Screening and Discussion of The Babushkas of Chernobyl (Director: H. Morris).
19.00 Field trip to State Museum for the History of the Gulag (SMHG) and discussion with O. Abachieva, Head of the SMHG Preservation Section.
Friday 30 June
10.00–11.30 E. Rozhdestvenskaya (NRU HSE), The Sociology of Biographics: Between the Individual and the Institutional.
12.00–13.30 E. Rozhdestvenskaya, Means of Interpreting the Biographical Interview (seminar).
14.30–16.00 Roundtable.Personal Testimony in Cinema: What Sets it Apart and its Role in Today’s World. Participants: H. Morris и M. Kovnat.
16.30–18.00 Roundtable. From Personal Memoir to Collective Memory and Public History. Participants: J. Wertsch (Washington University) [via Skype], O. Budnitsky (NRU HSE).
18.00 Summation, Final Observations, Closing Remarks

With the exception of the field trip to the SMHG, the Humanities Summer School’s sessions will take place in Room A-417 of the Shuvalov Building of Moscow University (see map below).

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