Program – 2019

XXII International Humanities Summer School

 School of Philology, Moscow State University

Department of General and Applied Philology, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Leo Tolstoy State Museum

Mikhail Prokhorov Fund

Fulbright Program

National Literary Classics in Global Transit: New Tasks for Literary Scholarship and Education


Monday, 24 June. Sociocultural Mechanisms for the Classical Texts in Transit

10:00 Opening remarks
Jacob Emery, “Network and Panorama: the World through the Prism of Literature”
11:30 Break
11:45 Dialogue: The Politics of Canonization and Canon Revision
Ira Nadel, “Ezra Pound, Classics and Practices of Counter-Culture”
Anton Nesterov, “The Modernist Classic in Russia Today”
13:00 Break
14:00 Dialogue: (Far-)Eastern Paths of Cultural Transit
Aleksandr Meshcheriakov, “The Reception of Classical Japanese Literature in Russia”
Ilya Smirnov, “The Reception of Classical Russian Literature in China”
15:30 Break
16:00 Roundtable: Ideologies of Literary Internationalism in Russia
Ekaterina Dmitrieva, “Why Break the Pantheon and Build the Canon, and What is the Difference Between Cultural Transfer and Comparative Literature Studies?”
Elena Ostrovskaya, “Perspectival Canon Formation: Utopia or Reality?”
Nikolay Poselyagin, “Why Do We Love to Discussi the Canon, Yet Still Make No Progress?
17:30 Break
18:00 Screening: The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

Вторник, 25 июня. The Transmedialization of Literary Classics

10:00 Seminar:
Jacob Emery “‘Tolstoevsky’ in America
11:30 Break
11:45 Dialogue: 
Mikhail Stroganov, “On a First-Name Basis with Pushkin: On the “Profanization” of Classical Texts
13:00 Break
14:00 Roundtable: Foreign Classics and National Cinema Cultures – Three Adaptations of William Faulkner’s Sanctuary
Sergei Kapterev, Dmitry Salysnsky, Polina Rybina, Diane Nemec Ignashev
15:30 Break
16:00 Roundtable: Nineteenth-century Western Classics in Contemporary “Packaging”
Aleksandra Borisenko, Anastasia Zavozova, Galina Iuzefovich 
17:30 Break
18:00 Invitation for Discussion:
Gasan Guseinov,
“Classics in the Subjunctive”

Wednesday, 26 June. Literary Classics in the Classroom

10:00 Seminar:
Jacob Emery, “Classes and Classics”
11:30 Break
11:45 Lecture:
Liubov’ Borusiak, “Classics National and Foreign as Read by Young People in Russia Today”
13:00 Break
14:00 Roundtable: Foreign Classics in Russian Schools – A “Methodological Flea Market” among teachers from Moscow school, lyceums, and gymnasia, led by Anton Skulaev 
15:30 Roundtable: Foreign Literature in Russian Higher Education: Traditions and Vectors of Possible Change
Andrei Golubkov, Iulia Ivanova, Olga Panova
17:30 Break
18:30 Conversation with theater director Aleksei Levinsky: “Foreign Classics on the Russian Stage: Theater as a School for Cultural Dialogue”