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The general direction of the scientific-organizational department work is connected with the study of forms of speech activity as part of socio-communicative and socio-cultural processes. This is, for example:

  • cultural and language communicative practices – writing and reading, narration (storytelling), comprehension, translation;
  • means of transmission of texts in time (cultural memory) and space (existance of national traditions, development of global communicative processes);
  • speech genres, actualized in the context of new media across verbal and audiovisual cultures.

We are working on two interrelated directions:

  1. “Speech, cultural imagination and community formation”  and
  2. “Speech creativity and Media Practices”.

The general purpose is to develop philological methodology and to apply it in the analysis of different  texts, functioning in the sociocultural practices, in the regimes of printed, audiovisual and electronic media. In both directions we implement collective research projects with the efforts of  the staff members, postgraduates, undergraduates and students of our department.

 Speech, cultural imagination and community formation

 “The polyphony of the big city”

We are studing and systematically discribing 1) Cultural-linguistic, linguocognitive and communicative problems that the human speaking  in the modern urban environment is facing; 2) The ways of linguistic signifying of the key ideas and values of the Russian culture; 3. The problems of the interaction of linguocultural communities and of the cultural and linguistic adaptations.

“Cultural antropology of creative communities and transmedia experiment”

We are investigate the dynamics of the formation and development of the avant-garde creative communities, their role in culture, the structure of the internal communications and contacts with the cultural environment; interrelation of the aethetic, intellectual and social aspects of the innovative search.

“Popular genres in a volatile scope of literature”

Popular genres are studied (1) in an inter-media context of the contemporary pop-culture; (2) in the dynamics of their establishment and development –  as a part of of literature as a social institution; (3) from the perspective of the cultural anthropology, as the modus operandi of the cultural communities.

 “Children’s literature”

We are studying the specificity of children’s literature as a genre and, in particular, the history of British and American children’s literature of XIX-XX centuries, proplems of its translation into Russian language. In prospect the research project will be complemented with the editorial one – creation of the antology of English-American children’s literature of 1880-s – 1930-s with the comments.

Speech Creativity and Media Practices

“Literature and Cinema”

We are studying film adaptations of the literary works, interaction problems between “literary” and “cinematic” languages, genre mutual influence, specificity of perception of verbal and audiovisual narratives, reader’s and viewer’s functions in contemporary culture.

“Literature and Photography”

We are scrutinizing a specificity of the interaction between a word and a photograph, mutual influence of photo- and writing practices. On the basis of the history and theory of media, visual studies, memory studies we are investigating the transformation a literary text in the era of photography.

“Literature and Sound”

We are investigating forms of functioning of the artistic word in conditions of secondary orality (as exemplified in song lyrics, literature readings, audiobooks etc.), forms of the sound representation in a literary text.

The research works

The 1st of January 2016 – The 31st of December 2020

“Speech, cultural imagination and community formation”
Research advisor: Andrey Logutov
Responsible executives: Tatiana Venedictova, Artem Zubov, Ekaterina Kalinina, Sergei Romashko, Polina Rybina.
Participans of the research work: Lyudmila Razgulina
The description and the reports are on “Istina”

The 1st of January 2013 – The 31st of December 2017

“Artistic Creativity and Media Practices”
Research advisor: Tatiana Venedictova
Participans of the research work:  Evgeniya Anikudimova, Alexandra Borisenko, Ekaterina Vakhrameeva, Artem Zubov, Ekaterina Kalinina, Andrey Logutov,  Diane Nemec-Ignasheva, Lyudmila Razgulina, Sergei Romashko, Polina Rybina, Anna Shvec, Dina Shulyat’eva.
The description and the reports are on “Istina”

“The polyphony of the big city: homo loquens in the modern world”
Research advisor: Viktoria Krasnykh
Participans of the research work: Irina Zakharova, Sergei Romashko.
The description and the reports are on “Istina”

The 1st of January 2011 – The 31 of December 2015

“Speech, cultural imagination and community formation”
Research Advisor: Tatiana Venedictova
Participants of the research work: Alexandra Borisenko, Alina Volynskaya, Andrey Logutov, Diane Nemec-Ignasheva, Tatiana Pirusskaya, Sergei Romashko, Polina Rybina, Dina Shulyat’eva
The description and the reports are on “Istina”