Here is a list of previous events held by our Department.

April 23, 2012
Round Table Repeated Speech: Between a Commonplace and an Artistic Experiment held as a part of the Lomonosov Readings conference.

April 20, 2012
Lecture Language, Culture and Hegemony: Rethinking the Politics of Culture in the Соntext of the Russian Revolution
by Craig Brandist.

April 20, 2012
Conference Polyphony of the City — 2
Round Table

March 19, 2012
Lecture Modernism as an Act: Popular Music and the Performative Nature of Literature
by Ronald Schleifer.

March 15–17, 2012
Conference Literary and Social Studies: The Problems and the Opportunities for Dialog.


November 30, 2011
Presentation of the anthology of British crime stories Not the Butler! created by the collective efforts of Borisenko-Sonkin translation workshop.


November 22, 2011
Workshop The Image of Time: Its Metaphoric Representation in Language and Artistic Visualisation.

November 15, 2011
Round Table Encyclopedic texts in the age of Wikipedia

October 21, 2011
Open Seminar After Babel: Esthetics and Politics of Global Film Production.

September 12–15, 2011
A visit of two contemporary British writers, Kei Miller and Neel Mukherjee, as a part of the project Literature in Real Time held by our Department.

June 1–8, 2011
XIV Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities: Generation of Communities through Word and Image.

May 30, 2011
Round Table Walter Benjamin Today: Teaching Benjamin in Russia and Abroad.

April 26, 2011
Round Table Untranslatability in Philosophy, Untranslatability in Culture.

April 15, 2011
Round Table Illustrated Book as a Culture Phenomenon.

November 26, 2010
Round Table Reading a Monument: A Memorial Place in the City (held as a part of the conference Polyphony of the City).

November 25–26, 2010
Conference Polyphony of the City.

October 14, 2010
A visit of Gary Shteyngart (afterwards reported in The New York Times).

October 1–3, 2010
Conference Free Verse and Free Dance.

June 21–26, 2010
XIII Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities: History of Reading and the Future of Readers.

April 23–25, 2010
Teaching Literature during the Crisis of Books: Challenges of the Interdisciplinary Approach (an international workshop held at the Moscow State University and Ivanovo State University).

April 20, 2010
Literature and Literariness in the Modern Humanitarian Knowledge (round table with the Institute of World Culture).

April 15, 2010
Round Table Interpretation of the Works of Classical Literature in Modern Culture.


There also have been a number of meetings held by Borisenko-Sonkin translation workshop:

  • September 9, 2010. Elena Kostyukovich, translator. On translation of Umberto Eco’s novels
  • May 11, 2010. Grigory Dashevsky, poet and translator. Study of an epigram by Catullus: what a translator has to understand
  • March 31, 2010. Round table for translation teachers. Can translation be taught?
  • December 15, 2009. Sergey Parhomenko, publisher. On translator-publisher relationships
  • December 12, 2009. Oleg Dorman, film director. On the book and the film Podstrochnik (a story of the translator Liliana Lungina)
  • May 19, 2009. Nina Demourova, translator. On translation of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland
  • March 26, 2009. Alexander Gavrilov, director of the Book Institute. Translator’s place on the book market

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